Welding Services

Our welding and metalizing department can repair your parts at a fraction of the cost of new or OEM. 

Our capabilities include;

Repair welding
Re-rimming gears
Metalizing - All alloys
Stress relieving of parts
UT analysis
Pre-heat and post-heating procedures.

Let our years of experience in welding, service your needs.

Welding on a continuous caster segment.
Wire feeder with preheat. Fabrication will be sent to the stress relieve oven, then to final machining.

Flame spraying a 33 foot long large bell rod lower section for a blast furnace.

The bell rod finished dimension will be 7" with 0.0591" of sprayed material, on two 7' sections for gas sealing surface. Coat analysis is;

C 0.1% - 0.17%
Si 0.4% - 0.8%
Mn 0.5% - 1.0%
P 0.03%
S 0.03%
Cn 12% - 14%

 After completion of flame spray the surface will be ground to a 32 finish with a HRC of 37 - 45.