Our gear manufacturing capabilities, through the gear shop at South Side Machine Works Inc. are wide and include SAE and a complete line of tooling for manufacturing Metric gears

All types of splines, double helical, worm shafts, and regeneration of bull gears.

Spur Gears Up to 19' diameter with a 54" face.
Helical Gears Up to 19' diameter with a 54" face.
Herringbone Gears Up to 108" diameter with a 26" face.
Worm Gears Up to 18' diameter with a 24" face
Bevel Gears Up to 64" diameter with a 20" face.
Internal Gears Up to 100" Pitch Diameter with a 9" face.

Internal and external splines can be cut to customer specifications.

Cutting spline shaft

Double helix spur and herringbone pinion gears of all sizes, both Metric and SAE. We have a complete line of metric hobs.

These gears are being shaped on our Sunderland gear shaper.

Large spur gears up to 18 foot in diameter, Metric and SAE. We can also fabricate gears from scratch, using the finest forgings and flame cut internal webs. The gears are then stress relieved and hobbed or shaped.

Milling large spur gear

Bevel gear fabrication or we can match your gear to our fabricated new gear. Even unique gears can be fabricated at our facility like the combination spur / bevel gear to the left.

Fabricated bevel gear)

Small worm pinion gear machined from stock forging.
 South Side machine Works Inc. keeps a large variety of forged stock up to 24" for quick turn around of your parts.