Photo Gallery

Pintle assembly for a Lock and Dam.
This item was completed at our Fulton Iron Facility for a Corps of Engineers dam.

Preheating large forging for welding, then to stress relieving, and gear cutting. The welding and stress relieving is done at our Fulton Iron Facility and the gear cutting is done at South Side Works Inc..

Large Winch base fabrication for a customer. At our Fulton Works, the plates were burned out on our Burny computerized burning table, they were fit up, welded, and then stress relieved. Once completed, they were shipped to our South Side Machine Works Inc. Facility for final machining and inspection for shipment.


What ever your application, South Side Machine Machine Works Inc. and Fulton Iron International can fill the bill. Our Metric gear cutting department is stocked with a complete set of hobs to get the job done quickly and at a competitive price.